WEGA Greenline Wegaconcept EVD
  • wegaconcept2-wpcf_800x800
  • 16143R11
  • 16144R11
  • 16145R11
  • 16147R11-v2
  • 16148R11
  • 21215R12
  • 21216R12

WEGA Greenline Wegaconcept EVD

Aim high, choose Wegaconcept, the maximum expression of Wega technology in the service of environmental sustainability. A completely new design with clean minimalist lines frame an absolutely innovative, high performance and efficient coffee machine. The nighttime stand-by function, combined with our Multi-boiler and Self Learning Software technology means that the Wegaconcept can obtain energy savings certified at 47,6% on stand by and 30% in operation.


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