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  • Almond

    Torani Syrup – Almond

    Torani Syrup - Almond The rich and delicate flavor of almonds will enhance your beverage. With a unique blend of organic agave, maple and pure cane sugar, this delicious syrup works well in lattes, iced coffees, teas and so much more.
  • Amaretto

    Torani Syrup – Amaretto

    Torani Syrup - Amaretto Inspired by the famed liqueur from Saronno, Italy, this syrup brings you all of the nutty good taste and subtle sweetness – but no alcohol. So go ahead, dip a biscotti in your drink and call it a day. A great day
  • Chocolate-Chip-Cookie-Dough

    Torani Syrup – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

    Torani Syrup - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Admit it. If you're like us, you always manage to sneak a piece of raw cookie dough before it’s put in the oven. That's why cookie dough ice cream is such a hit. Here's an easier way to get that taste you love. Lurking within this gem are bakery notes and hints of rich butter. Sweet with just a touch of salt. Your mocha will thank you.
  • Chocolate-Milano

    Torani Syrup – Chocolate Milano

    Torani Syrup - Chocolate Milano Pure joy. Italian style. With the rich aroma and taste of dark, bittersweet chocolate, this syrup is utterly European and delizioso.
  • coconut

    Torani Syrup – Coconut

    Torani Syrup - Coconut Say aloha to this Hawaiian-inspired syrup. Full-flavored coconut evokes the sweetness you'll love. Couple that with a smooth creaminess that coconut's prized white meat is known for and you're one torch shy of a tiki bar.
  • Crème-de-Menthe

    Torani Syrup – Crème de Menthe

    Torani Syrup - Crème de Menthe This emerald syrup will make them turn green with envy. So do your guests a favor: give them a shot of crème de menthe in their mochas. Or dress up their cocktails. Its minty cool intensity recalls a much needed refreshment on a hot summer day.
  • French-Vanilla

    Torani Syrup – French Vanilla

    Torani Syrup - French Vanilla Vanilla's chic cousin, French Vanilla reminds you of that decadent, intensely flavored creamy custard you once tried. The one that sent you swooning. Well, get ready to swoon again.
  • Hazelnut

    Torani Syrup – Hazelnut

    Torani Syrup - Hazelnut Ahh, the hazelnut. The Italians have explored its virtues since time immemorial. And why not? Toasty and sweet, the hazelnut has made legends out of cakes and pastries. It'll do the same for your drinks. Add a splash and revel in its creamy goodness.
  • macadamia-nut

    Torani Syrup – Macadamia Nut

    Torani Syrup - Macadamia Nut Has a drink ever inspired you to don a Hula skirt and sway? This buttery syrup made with the flavor of classic Hawaiian macadamia nuts just might. Slightly sweet, yet rich, it shines like the Maui sun in your mochas, cocoas, and lattes.
  • Raspberry

    Torani Syrup – Raspberry

    Torani Syrup - Raspberry Intense berries drive the all-natural fresh flavor of this gem. A splash of Raspberry Syrup instantly takes whatever you're making to the next level – and that level is fresh, bright, and inviting.
  • Salted-Caramel

    Torani Syrup – Salted Caramel

    Torani Syrup - Salted Caramel First comes the sweet and then comes the salty. This syrup keeps you on your toes. Rich buttery caramel kicks things off. And just when you thought that was it, a touch of saltiness appears – and the ride continues. Hop on and enjoy.
  • Vanilla

    Torani Syrup – Vanilla

    Torani Syrup - Vanilla A plain vanilla world? Don't think so. There's nothing ho-hum about this original leading lady. And nothing beats the original. Inspired by premium vanilla flavor, it’s clean, pure and creamy. And that spells delicious every time you add it.

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